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Gemma Laurin - Mortgage Broker

Gemma and her husband, Kevin, are Mortgage Brokers at Dominion Lending Centres National LTD. She has over 15 years experience with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry and is skilled in Commercial Mortgages, Banking, Certified Mortgage Planning, Reverse Mortgages, and Investment Properties. Connect directly with Gemma to discuss your options.

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Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

On this website, you can explore home buying calculators, download buying and renting guides, check out mortgage and maintenance tips, understand how the rental process works and much more. This is definitely a good resource for buyers and sellers.

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Government of Canada: Mortgages

There is a wealth of information on all aspects of mortgage financing. You can find tips on what to do before you start shopping for a mortgage, how you go about getting preapproved for financing, mortgage terms and amortization, what happens when you break your mortgage contract and plenty more!

Mortgage Calculator

This calculator is for information purposes only. Users should not use this calculator to make any financial decisions and should speak with their bank or mortgage broker. The website owner does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any information or calculations provided by this calculator. The website owner is not liable for loss or damage of any kind arising from the use of this tool.